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3 Tips to help you fall asleep during a Massage

Have you ever fallen asleep during a massage?

If you have, it is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences ever. As your breathing becoming deeper and slower, you may start to feel warm waves radiate throughout your body, from the location your therapist is working on. You may begin to feel your body melt into the table, as your mind sinks into a deep meditative state. This feeling is truly rehabilitative. With Massage we can achieve this level of relaxation, and healing. The human body was created to repair and heal itself while it sleeps, which is why I believe that reaching sleep is the true goal of a relaxing massage. As a massage therapist I do not heal you, I facilitate healing by creating an atmosphere where you can completely let go of your stress to achive relaxation. Know that your best interest is the focus for the massage session.

Below you will read my top 3 tips that can help you fall asleep faster, and 3 things that are counter-productive to falling asleep during a massage.

1. Focus on breathing.

At they recommend you Inhale for 4 seconds, Hold your breath for 7 seconds, and slowly exhale for 8 seconds. If you try it right now It may trigger you to yawn. This technique was designed to help you fall asleep faster. Try it next time you get a massage. As a general rule the slower, and deeper your breathing is the more you'll get out of your efforts.

2. Focus on the music.

When I focus on the music, my goal is to turn the internal diolog of my stubborn mind, into scenic relaxing pictures. (words into pictures) whether it's imagining the pianist playing the piano, or placing myself into beautiful landscapes, like a peaceful meadow, surrounded by flowers and a trickling stream. Use the music as inspiration to create relaxing images in your mind.

3. Focus on the Massage Therapist.

When you focus on the area your Massage Therapist is working on, feel the warmth, gentleness, and firmness of their hands. Feel your body relaxing under their touch, your body may begin to feel warm, or maybe just the area theyre working on. Focus on that warmth, and it will travel and radiate throughout your body, feel yourself melting and sinking out of pure relaxation. I have clients that claim to feel the effects from their neck all the way down to their toes!

3 things that can hinder your process:

1. Thoughts.

I try not to hold a single thought hostage during a massage. That includes to-do lists, planning the rest of my day, answering phone calls, or anything that will bring me back into reality, and often times stress me out. If you focus on the 3 things I listed above, one of them is bound to keep your mind at rest. Remember you are here to Relax, being mindful of your goal, try to set yourself up for the best outcome, and remember to turn your phone off.

2. Talking.

If you're talking to your Massage Therapist you can't fall asleep, and therefore you cannot reach the rehabilitation state your body was created for. It is always a good idea to let your therapist know if they need to increase or decrease pressure, or if you're too hot, or too cold, or anything else that will elevate your relaxation, let your therapist know, we are here to make you feel comfortable, even at the smallest level.

3. Feeling Uncomfortable.

If you arent enjoying the technique your therapist is using, maybe the hypervolt, the jostling, or the stretching isnt relaxing to you, let your therapist know. Chances are they're able to do 800 other things that ARE relaxing to you. They should be eager to learn your likes and dislikes to beter facilitate a relaxing environment fit specially for your wants and needs.

I hope these tips help you achieve the most relaxing massage you will ever experience, so you can feel how rejuvenating a massage truly is. Practice makes perfect, so try these techniques out for yourself, and with time you'll be able to find a massage therapist who can facilitate your healing process in a way that best suits you.

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