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Booking your First Massage

Updated: Aug 3

Booking your first Massage with Mandala Massage, & what to expect.

If you stumbled across me on Google by searching "massage near me", I hope you spent some time browsing my website, to get a feel of what I offer, pricing, location, etc. If not here is my website: Your first step should be to call to book a massage. I will answer any questions you may have at that time. I am by appointment only, and do not accept any walk-ins. Mandala Massage is all inclusive, tips are included in the price, and all enhancements are free as well.

Things I want to know about you during our call: How you found me, and what motivated you to book a massage. Depending on your reason, I may suggest a stretch prior to your massage. After our conversation, I will send you a text detailing our appointment, with location, time and date. If your massage is over a week away, I will send a text reminder the day prior to your appointment.

For your first appointment it is ideal (for both of us) if you show up 10-15 minutes early, to do some minor paperwork and so I can get a brief medical history on your body. I will go over any and all prior injuries, surgeries, medications taken, and ailments you may have. (10-15 minutes early only applies for your first appointment) 5 minutes early is sufficient for all future appointments after this.

I will ask you questions like:

When was the last time you had a massage? What do you do for work, or what you did for work prior to that, or prior to retirement. What your goals are for the session, what you'd like to get worked on, primary and secondary areas of focus if any, what kind of Massage you'd like whether relaxing, or therapeutic. The kind of pressure you prefer, etc. The more I know the better your session will go.

This is your massage. If you want 90 minutes on just your back and shoulders, I will do that. If you dont want to turn over, or only want your feet worked on, just let me know. I will suggest a plan of action based on our conversation, that I believe will fit your needs, but you will always have the final say.

Everything in my room is adjustable to fit your wants. The table warmer will be off but if you prefer a warm table, I will gladly turn it on. If you need a pillow, If the music is too loud or too low, If you don't like the music playing, and prefer to listen to reggae, I'm in. This is your time, and my goal is to make you as comfortable as possible, I will be happy to adjust it for you.

When we're ready to start I will leave the room, wait untill you undress to your comfort level, and get between the sheets on top of the massage table. Is it normal to take off my underwear (and bra)? Yes, 90% of my client's always do. If you prefer to wear your undergarments, its ok. Keep them on. It's completely YOUR preference.

During the massage, I will only undrape the area I am working on, and will keep your modesty intact the entire time. You will recieve your full time, unless you arrive late, a 60 minute Massage will run 55-60 minutes long. If at any point you are uncomfortable, or the pressure is too light or too deep, just let me know so I can adjust.

Tips, and Enhancements are all inclusive in the price at my clinic, I have 5 available choices for add-ons. Body Scrubs which can be used on feet, hands, back, or face. Hot Therapy with hot towels, and Cold therapy with Cold Stones. Percussion Therapy with a hypervolt massage gun, and Hemp Seed Oil which is a great anti-inflammatory without THC/CBD. You can choose 1 or all for your session for free.

After the Massage, I will leave the room for you to get dressed, whenever you are ready open the door, and let me in. We will finish up in the room. This is a time where we reschedule, discuss a future treatment plan, and set goals for your next massage, I may show you a couple of stretches that would be beneficial to your recovery, or improvement.

Final notes: I end every massage with the phrase "how do you feel?" My hope and preference is BETTER than you arrived. I hope you leave my clinic feeling amazing, rejuvenated, relaxed, stretched, lighter, less stressed, and with more energy, I hope it lasts until your next massage, and I hope you tell your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers too!

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