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How to find a Great Massage Therapist

How to find a Great Massage Therapist?

I always suggest you try as many Massage Therapist as you can, before sticking with one. Not every Therapist will be a good fit. Their skills and time in the business, are perks, but that shouldn't be the only reason you choose them. There is a good chance you will land a great Therapist that way, however, if their specialty is feet, and you don't enjoy your feet being worked on, that's probably not gonna work out for you. This is why I suggest to try as many as you can. Test out the waters in your area, untill you find a good match.

Why should you stick with One Massage Therapist? Over time a great massage therapist will learn your body. Where you commonly hold stress, what you like, don't like, what kind of pressure you enjoy, if you like the table heat or not. The little details that will bring your massage from a 3 star experience, to a 5 star experience! They will become an expert on your specific needs, and what your health care goals are. Together you can formulate a plan that fits you.

8 Qualities of a great Massage Therapist

1. Find a Therapist who listens to you, and follows your lead. Be specific to what your needs are. This is your massage, your time, and your money. It should be spent how you want. If you asked for a upper body only, and your therapist massages your legs, clearly there was a miscommunication, or they flat out ignored your request. You don't want that happening every time you go get a massage. Find another therapist.

2. Find a Therapist who can give you the best of both worlds. If your massage therapist can put you to sleep during a relaxing massage, you have found a great therapist. For someone to fall sleep while being completely vulnerable, on a table says a lot. You were convinced that this person would not hurt you, and it felt so good that you were able to let go. This is a rare gift! The same can be said with a therapeutic Massage, you can fall asleep during these too, and If they're able to work deep in your mussles without making you squirm, fly off the table, flinch, or tickle you, you've found a great massage therapist, and a good fit for you.

3. Find a Therapist who can adjust the pressure to your liking. Some spots hurt, some spots need more pressure. A great Massage Therapist is able to read your ques and adjust accordingly. This is developed over time. With communication on your end. Let your therapist know if they do not pick up on your ques. If you've said "that hurts", and they reply with "just take it, I'll be done soon", that's not going to be a good fit. If you tell them "it hurts", and they go back in with a lighter touch, they have heard you, and have adjusted to YOUR body's need! A massage should not be painful, if you are in pain on the table, there is a good chance you will be in pain the next day. Be vocal about your discomfort, and give your Massage therapist time to adjust.

4. Find a Therapist who makes you feel great after a massage. If you leave your session feeling energized, relaxed, and ready to tackle your week, that is a great sign this therapist is a good fit for you. If you leave your session in more pain than you walked in, drained, couldnt seem to relax, felt uncomfortable, or unheard find another therapist who will meet your needs.

5. Find a Therapist who has a plan to optimize your recovery. If you come in with consistent upper back pain, even tho you have been receiving regular massage, maybe the discomfort is due to another area of your body. If you find a Therapist that suggests working on your pecs, and shoulders (as an example), for your upper back pain, try it out. They're trying to optimize your recovery, this shows their interest in your health, well-being, and potential recovery.

6. Find a Therapist who is Professional. Someone who priorities you, during your time. Someone who looks at your records, remembers your history, and knows your little details. Someone who is on time, and gives you your full scheduled time. Someone who respects you, and does not cross professional boundaries. Someone who is genuinely interested in your well-being. Your Massage Therapist should uphold these ethical standards at all times.

7. Find a massage therapist who is Certified. A massage therapist must ALWAYS, have their license up on the wall for you to see. It's the law! Check the date also, it should be valid! Massage Therapist Liscences expire every 2 years. If you walk into an establishment and do not see their Liscence, or it is expired, there's a good chance they're not Certified. Leave. You are not going to have a good experience there. Protect yourself.

8. Find a massage therapist who loves what they do! You will know, once you find them. They're caring, thoughtful, and willing to share their knowledge with you. They will make you feel phenomenal, energized, and able to relieve your pain and stress. Someone who loves what they do is also someone who is constantly taking classes to further their knowledge, and in turn your recovery!

with these tips you should be able to find an awesome massage therapist who is a great fit for you, no matter where you live. Don't settle, this is your time, your money, and your Healthcare. you deserve the best, so go out there and find that!

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