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Joint health encompasses what you're about to read. In short my specialty is

alleviating joint pain, throughout your body, using massage, and stretch. The following three issues encompass 90% of my clientele. For Client Testimonials click here.

Frozen shoulder is something a great deal of my client's deal with. I have successfully helped their rotator cuff issues by using Stretching, as my primary tool during our focused sessions. Granting them full, pain-free, range of motion, within a few sessions. Each session is tailored to the individual as no two frozen shoulders are the same. I will also give you tips on how to safely self-stretch to help aid your recovery, at a pace that best suits you.

Sciatica, or lower back pain is another ailment my client's share. I use a combination of manual massage therapy, and stretch, while I teach you how to apply these techniques yourself to prevent future sciatic pain. The gentle stretching involved in my protocol improves your flexibility, which relieves your backaches and discomfort, granting you lasting results, and preventing future injuries.

Mental health issues like chronic stress, depression, and anxiety are treated with an empathetic touch, with the goal of letting your worries go, as you fall into a deep meditative state, or fall sleep. Massage in itself is a great stress reliever, which greatly improve your mental state. My protocol uses pressure point, warming treatments, gentle rocking, aroma therapy and compression to sooth your body, and mind.

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